Thursday, September 3, 2015

14 Date Ideas on the Cheap

1. Buy all the supplies to make your favorite dinner and dessert and make it together.

2. Have a Netflix marathon.  Getting caught up in a show you both love is such a great bonding moment.  We suggest Parenthood....ahhh love it!

3. Make a picnic and go to the park, parkway, anywhere outside and have lunch, dinner...breakfast.  Whatever meal you pick it will be fun to be in a new location. 

4. Be tourists in your own town.  Visit that cheesy tourist spot that you love to hate on, or maybe there is one you have always wanted to go to but never have.

5. Make a fort together, just like little kids.  Then play board games, eat popcorn and watch a movie underneath.

6. Go to the bookstore together, browse for something that interests you and sit together and read, make sure you grab a coffee.  

7. If you happen to work close to each other, surprise the other one at work during their lunch break and take them out, can be fast food but still really sweet.

8. Paint together, my husband and I love to do projects together.  It keeps you close.  You can get canvases on sale at Michaels and paint whatever you want.

9. Pack lots of blankets in the car and then drive out to look at the stars...bonus if you have a truck bed 

10. Have a game night.  My husband and I are loving playing mancala at the moment. 

11. Be active together.  Go on a bike ride, hike or walk together.

12. Watch for community activities, a lot of times they will be free.  There are all kinds of free festivals, concerts, etc happening.

13. Get a puzzle and put it together, together.  This is another great bonding moment working on a project together.

14. Search Groupon for the best deal in your town and go out to dinner, dessert, a never know what you will find on there.  

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