Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Moving tips

1. Start Early: Seriously if you put it off it will be so much worse!  As soon as you know you are moving start going through your closets and build your give away pile.

2. Pack an overnight bag containing your essentials.  Things will be crazy and you don't want to search through a box to find your pajamas or toothbrush.  

3. Pack a box containing all your essentials that you will need for the first couple of days (coffee maker, cleaning supplies, etc.)

4. Use foam plates to protect your dishes.  This saves on bubble wrap and keeps you from wrapping each one.

5. Use garbage bags to cover your clothes and keep them clean, not to mention save you time in packing.  Just put a hole in the bottom of the bag and pull the hangers through, then tie a knot at the bottom.

6. Utilize your space: for example packing your crockpot, fill it with your spices and whatever else can fit. 

7. Use your items wisely.  To save on bubble wrap use your clothes or towels or anything you have to cushion your breakables.  

8. Label your boxes.  This makes things so much easier, especially if you have people helping you.  Make sure you put what room it goes to as well.  Label the sides and the top so you can see what it is even if stacked.  Label the rooms in your house.  This was really helpful since we had people helping us move to know where to put boxes.  

9. Keep sandwich bags handy for holding small parts parts of things you take apart, like curtain rods,etc.  Make sure you label them.  

10. Keep drawers in-tact by using press and seal.  This saves you time on packing and you don't have to unpack when you get to your destination.  

11. Use the right size box.  Books are heavy if you put them all in a big box you won't be able to lift it.  So heavy things in small boxes and light items in big boxes.  

12. Put heavier items on the bottom of boxes, lighter items on top.  When loading the truck, pack heavier items first towards the front, for balance.

13. Don't leave empty spaces in boxes.  Fill in gaps with extra clothing, towels, or packing paper.  This way your items are more protected.

14. Wrap important furniture pieces in quilts or blankets so you don't dent or bust anything.  Better safe than sorry!  Plus it saves space packing those blankets.     

What are your moving tips?  

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Free coffee for teachers at McDonalds in September!

You know I love coffee and I'm all about free stuff.  Well every Monday in September McDonald's is offering a FREE medium hot or iced coffee for teachers.  All us gotta do is flash your id badge.  

*make sure you check with your McDonald's first.  One McDonald's I visited had no idea what I was talking about...awkward*

I got mine iced because I am obsessed with their iced coffee.  I get the original (no syrup flavor) because the flavored ones (vanilla, caramel, etc) are waaaay to sweet.  This one is the perfect blend of sweet yet still tastes like coffee. 

Thank you McDonald's for providing a reason to actually look forward to Mondays.  

Monday, September 7, 2015

Latest deal finds

So...I went shopping and I found some awesome deals and thought I would share with y'all...

Anyway here is my haul, first stop Dirt Cheap.  Guys this place is my favorite!  I have talked about Dirt Cheap before but it is a discount store that gets castoffs from places like Target and other stores.  They have discount signs all around the store and you match the number to the discount (make sure you check as things in the store get crazy moved around).  

I picked up this adorable crossbody purse for $4!!!!  It is the prettiest minty blue color and I am in love with it!  I have been wearing when I do errands and it is perfect.  
I stopped by Target and saw the exact same bag just in a different color on clearance for $ I got an awesome deal! 

More Dirt Cheap I picked up these tights for $1 each, I love wearing tights in the fall.  

Guys I have been ignoring the clothing section of Dirt Cheap and oh my goodness have I been missing out.  The way the clothing section works there is each item has a tag with a letter and the letter is assigned to a discount.  All of the clothes I picked up above were brand new from Target and they were $1 each!!!! 

Alright I also went to Target and searched for the clearance: 

I also had to stop for a coffee...because when in Target.  

These adorable marquee lights were on clearance for $2.70  I actually already spray painted them different colors.  

Michaels was having a great sale with an extra 20% off everything even sale items coupon so I picked up a few things:

All of these things were in the front section of little knick-knacks and they were 60% off.  I found an R for our gallery wall (I seriously have an obsession with R's).  I also found a cute little gold passport holder and an adorable spoon rest.  This little area is also good to stock up on gifts.  

Michael's always has the prettiest frames and they do on sale pretty often.  The white one was $8 and the driftwood one was $6.  

We also have a Big Lots near us and I love Big Lots.  They always have neat different things and they have great clearance items.  

I picked up the mini wheat thin boxes for 47 cents and each of these K-cups were on clearance for $4.50! 

You do have to check the expiration dates on clearance items because most of the time that is why they are on clearance, but usually they don't expire for a month or so (plenty of time to use things up)

I also picked up this facial cleanser for $1.50!!  I searched for them online and found them for $12 or to your Big Lots and see if yours has this awesome deal.  I may go stock up on a few more for gifts...

I found these gluten free animal crackers on clearance and they are delicious (I'm not even gluten free but who cares)

I have been wanting to try the caramel version of these since Kim Adams raves about them.  I've tried the vanilla and they are pretty good so can't wait to see about these!  

Last thing I went to the Dollar Tree and I always check the book section there.  Every once in a while they get really nice books and for $1 you can't beat it.  

I picked up this one and have read one other by this author and really liked it so I'm excited to check this one out.  

What deals have you guys found lately? 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Jumping on the bootie bandwagon

Probably the weirdest title ever...but I got my first pair of booties! 

I picked up these cuties at Dirt Cheap for wait for it...$2.50!!!!  Seriously this store is quickly turning into one of my favorite stops!  They were marked at $9 and then assigned the discount of 80% off!!!

I am so excited to style these this fall with some skinnies, my favorite sweater and a big fluffy scarf.   

#swapitlikeitshot2015 Instagram unboxing

I had the chance to participate in the #swapitlikeitshot2015 on instagram.  I love these things, you get assigned to a friend on instagram and you "stalk" them to get an idea of things they like then you send them a box of goodies.  

My swap buddy seriously spoiled me...check out all the goodies!  I am obsessed with that R sign, wedding date wood detail, necklace, the candle smells amazing and I had seriously been eyeing that cookbook at Cracker Barrel.  

14 Date Ideas on the Cheap

1. Buy all the supplies to make your favorite dinner and dessert and make it together.

2. Have a Netflix marathon.  Getting caught up in a show you both love is such a great bonding moment.  We suggest Parenthood....ahhh love it!

3. Make a picnic and go to the park, parkway, anywhere outside and have lunch, dinner...breakfast.  Whatever meal you pick it will be fun to be in a new location. 

4. Be tourists in your own town.  Visit that cheesy tourist spot that you love to hate on, or maybe there is one you have always wanted to go to but never have.

5. Make a fort together, just like little kids.  Then play board games, eat popcorn and watch a movie underneath.

6. Go to the bookstore together, browse for something that interests you and sit together and read, make sure you grab a coffee.  

7. If you happen to work close to each other, surprise the other one at work during their lunch break and take them out, can be fast food but still really sweet.

8. Paint together, my husband and I love to do projects together.  It keeps you close.  You can get canvases on sale at Michaels and paint whatever you want.

9. Pack lots of blankets in the car and then drive out to look at the stars...bonus if you have a truck bed 

10. Have a game night.  My husband and I are loving playing mancala at the moment. 

11. Be active together.  Go on a bike ride, hike or walk together.

12. Watch for community activities, a lot of times they will be free.  There are all kinds of free festivals, concerts, etc happening.

13. Get a puzzle and put it together, together.  This is another great bonding moment working on a project together.

14. Search Groupon for the best deal in your town and go out to dinner, dessert, a never know what you will find on there.  

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What I read in August

Guys I am slacking with my reading lately...2 books and that's it.  

Summer Island by Kristin Hannah: I love Kristin Hannah she is one of my absolute favorites.  This was one I was waiting to read for the summer.  It wasn't the best but it was still a really good read by Kristin Hannah.  Family issues, relationships and lovers reunited perfect summer read.  

Sam's Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson: James Patterson is another author that I really like and I was really excited to read this one.  It was a really good book.  This follows Jennifer and her journey to get her life back.  She works on it with the help from her grandmother "Sam" who writes her letters about her love life.  So you get two love stories for the price of one.  

What did you guys read in August?