Sunday, August 30, 2015

Spotted Kendra Scott Elisa look alike!!!

Alright guys I have been drooling over the Kendra Scott Elisa necklace forever, I just couldn't justify spending $50 on it right I was on the hunt for a look alike.

Y'all this H and M necklace is as close to the Kendra version as you can find...and for $4!!!!  Yes it's fake gold and yes it its not as nice but let me say it again $4!!! 

I got mine in the mail and have been wearing it everyday.  It is the perfect dainty piece of jewelry.   

I still have the real version on my wish list but this is a good stand in until I can justify that $50.  Also this is a great way to test out whether you would wear this style.    

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Walmart Beauty Box Summer 2015

Went to the mailbox this morning and was surprised by my beauty's the little things :)

The Walmart Beaut box is a seasonal box that costs $5 and has an array or various full size/sample size products and coupons.  

Alright so inside this little guy:
  • Aveeno Active Naturals Protect+Hydrate Sunscreen Lotion for Face (sample size and coupon)
  • Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum Radiance Restore with Pure Cocoa Butter (full size)
  • One Direction You & I (fragrance sample)
  • Simple Micellar Cleansing Water (foil sample and coupon)
  • Neutogena Healthy Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser (sample size)
  • Rimmel London Show Off Lip Velvet Matte in Meteoric (full size)


This box was just so-so.  Yes I did get 2 full size products and that lotion is great (pretty much pays for the box) but I'm just not crazy about it.  First off I have a box full of lotions (no kidding).  
The face lotion is nice and a pretty decent sample size.  
The fragrance sample is decent and it has a pump (which is necessary).
The Simple cleansing water is pretty much nothing I mean a foil sample of a cleansing water...??
Plus I have already gotten the Neutrogena sample in another box (maybe Wal-Mart?)
The lippie is great that it is full size but the color is a little scary.  

So final verdict is just ok...good full size products but just not crazy for me.  

Did you guys get a box?  What did you think?  If you have another subscription box you love let me know!!  

Thursday, August 27, 2015

J.Crew Designer Inspired Vest is Back!!!

Guys this vest was crazy popular last year...seriously if you were on instagram or facebook at all you saw this beautiful herringbone vest.

It is absolutely perfect for fall/winter, looks great layered with anything and is one of my favorite pieces!

Now the J.Crew one is around $100, this one is just a fraction of that at $35 and is just as cute.

Pick one up today to prepare for your fall wardrobe and do it quick they sold out last year!

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Top 10 Perfumes

Top 10 Perfumes

Top 10 Perfumes by erin-rucker-richardson featuring perfume fragrances

1. Betsey Johnson By Betsey Johnson For Women: I picked this one up from T.J. Maxx on clearance and had no idea what it smelled like but I fell in love with it!  This one is floral but also warm and I get so many compliments on it.  

2. Bath and Body Works Forever Red : This one is one of my husband's favorites, it is a perfectly warm spicy scent, very sexy.

3. Bon Jovi's Unplugged by AVON: I sampled this in the AVON catalog years ago and really liked it, then I found it on sale sometime after.  This one is spicy, floral and sexy.

4. Halle by Halle Berry: I actually picked this one up in a set at Walmart after Christmas on sale last year on a whim and it is such a pretty warm and cozy scent.  The base notes are what gets me on this one, once it warms to your body it smells delicious!

5. Taylor Swift Women's Wonderstruck : This is from Taylor Swift so how could it be bad?  The bottle is gorgeous and the scent is this beautiful floral scent that is perfect for daytime and night.

6. Taylor by Taylor Swift : This one is new to me, I got a baby bottle for Christmas but it smells so great!  It is more sophisticated but still sweet and floraly.

7. Bath and Body Works P.S. I Love You : This is my husband's favorite perfume for me.  It is actually discontinued from Bath and Bodyworks so I use mine sparingly.  It is such a sweet and girly fragrance that takes me right back to college and meeting my husband :)

8. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black and White: I actually don't own this perfume unfortunately but I have tested it at Sephora and fell in LOVE!!!  They are 2 separate scents that can be worn together or on there own.  The black is a spicy, sexy nighttime scent while the white is fresh and floral and more daytime.  On their own they are beautiful but together I swoon, absolutely perfect combination of sweet yet spicy.  Oh and I wore this to a wedding and it stayed on all through the day and lasted way past the reception.

9. With Love Hilary Duff By Hilary Duff : This was another sale purchase at T.J. Maxx on a whim but I am so glad I did.  This one is sweet but warm and slightly musky.  It has great staying power and I get lots of compliments of that.

10. Romance by Ralph Lauren for Women: This was my wedding perfume so it has a lot of emotional ties.  This is a sweet, innocent, floral perfume with a musky undertone.  I wanted something that smelled like a bride but also something that would blend into a little sexy scent.  This fit the bill perfectly.  Tip for brides: get a new perfume for your wedding and every time you smell it you will be reminded of that day.  

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Let me tell you about this thing called Shutterfly

I am a picture lover...I love to take pictures, collect pictures and look at pictures.  They don't even have to be my own pictures.  Yep I will check out your pictures at your house, stalk pictures on facebook, and instagram is one of my favorite apps.  Pictures just tell a story without saying anything.

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I am also a picture hoarder...I have boxes of them.  I have also started to create photo books of our pictures and my favorite website is Shutterfly.  

I made our guestbook for our wedding from Shutterfly and I love it!  They have a layout just for this which is great.  Then you can have them fill in your pictures or you can customize it.  I always like to customize mine.  For this book I put our engagement pictures with space for guests to write notes.  It is such a sweet thing to keep with everyone's' notes.

This is the photo book I made for my Brazil trip, such a great reminder of my trip.  

This one was actually a gift I made for my husband (then boyfriend) for our one year anniversary.  It had pictures of us and love quotes that I felt described us.  

Sign up for their emails and you get deals ALL THE TIME!  Seriously guys you get free stuff emailed at least twice a month and all you have to pay is shipping.

Here are some great deals going on now:

All customers enjoy $10 off qualifying merchandise orders of $10-$49.99; $25 off $50-$99.99; $50 off $100-$149.99 and $75 off $150+ or more with promo code BIGSAVINGS at checkout

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lake Lure Weekend Getaway

My husband and I had a chance to go to Lake Lure about a week before our move.  This was such a blessing and a chance to de-stress and spend time with family.  My grandpa has a house on the lake (that we are SO lucky to be able to use) and we try to go at least once a year.  I love the lake, swimming, floating, boat rides, morning coffee on the boat house...and all the memories wrapped up there.  

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Of course we had to stop in my favorite store in the area.  They have a big warehouse where they have huge boxes of pillows, home decor, blankets, etc that are so cheap!  I got an armful of pillows and other bits and bobs.  (The pillows were $5 or less!)

I have always wanted to stop at the Flowering Bridge and this trip I made sure we did.  It is a small thing but such a neat addition to the town.  The bridge used to be the main bridge and then they built a bigger one.  The community then turned it into a mini garden.  

Loved being able to spend time with my sweet Momma.  

and my husband :)

So relaxing, and look at those mountains! 

My husband is an adrenaline junkie and he got his tubing fix.  

Beautiful area where they do weddings.  

Look familiar to anyone?  This is the scene of the Dirty Dancing camp location.  They tore the building down years ago but the stairs where Baby carried the watermelon are sill there.  You can see them to the right going up the hill if you look hard.  

So this is my Grandpa's house...just kidding.  This the the castle on the lake.  Is it not amazing??  

And that's our trip.  Loved being able to relax and enjoy time together.  

Saturday, August 1, 2015

What I read in July

Alright guys so with the craziness that was July I only read two books.  But in my defense we moved in July so I was packing in my spare time and then unpacking, not much time to sit back and read.  

Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer: this was yet another book borrowed from my littlest sister and I really enjoyed it.  It was a little unsettling as it is an "end of the world" catastrophe book, but it was really interesting.  I just enjoyed seeing how they coped and lived through this drastic change.  The book focuses on the moon being hit by an asteroid that pushes it closer to earth and disrupts everything from the tides to the weather.  Drastic changes occur and a large part of the population dies.  This book follows a young girl and her family and how they deal with the changes.  

The Guy Not Taken by Jennifer Weiner: This was a collection of short stories.  They were all pretty enjoyable and I went through them oretty quickly.  Not a favorite but still a good read.  Jennifer Weiner is a really great writer though.  

What have you guys been reading?