Saturday, June 6, 2015

Life this week

What's been going on this past week;

So this actually wasn't this week (but it wasn't too long ago).  My husband and father in law love to go to baseball games.  I like to go, its the sitting for 9 innings that I'm not crazy about. I love the atmosphere though and just hanging out.  Oh and until this game I had never had a hot dog at a baseball game...I know I'm so un-american.

Here's my first official baseball game hotdog, I was pretty excited about it an it did not disappoint.  

It was such beautiful weather and even though the home team lost it was a great time! (Check out our old man photobomber...) 

I have been crafting like crazy y'all, seriously I have like 3 projects going on right now on our front porch alone.   I mean we are moving into a big nice house soon so I've gotta get my stuff pretty.  I'm planning to do some blog posts in the future, but here's a sneak peek:

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