Friday, May 15, 2015

If you and I had coffee

I would tell you how proud I am of my husband.  He just graduated with his masters degree in psychology and will be starting his phd in August.  My mom always said I needed a smart man and God sure blessed me with one.  He is such a wonderful man, so passionate about his subject and he knows so much.  I'm proud to be his wife.

I would tell you how excited (and a little nervous) I am to move in July.  I'm excited to decorate our new home and be in a new city.  Im already planning a hundred different diy projects for each room. But I'm also nervous about finding a new job and being so far away from our families.  

I would tell you how much I am loving How I Met Your Mother and how sad I am that we just finished season 8...Ill gush about Barney's proposal to Robin and how much I love Lilly and Marshall. Ill ask if you've seen and and then proceed to declare my love for it and convince you how you absolutely have to watch it.  

I would tell you how excited I am about my etsy store and maybe brag a little about the sales I've made.  I'm proud of those sales and I'm so excited to have this little business.  

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