Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dressing Downton experience at Biltmore

Since my husband and I are moving in July my mom has been coming up with things she wants us to do before we live so far away.  This time it was to go to the Biltmore house, now they had a special event going on for Downton Abbey...so I mean we had to go...

They had a display of the costumes from the show displayed throughout the house.  It was so neat to see the detail of the outfits.  When you see them on TV you just get a glimpse of them and don't get to see all the beautiful embroidery, beading and detail.

It was such a beautiful day, perfect weather.  It was so nice and not too hot.  Fair warning the house is not air conditioned and I have been in the summer when it is quite warm...I much prefer it in the spring.  Although I still want to go in the winter and see it at Christmas.

You can't take pictures inside the house but here are some pictures of the gardens and the outside:

My littlest sister (who is not so little anymore) got to come along with my mom and my mother-in-law.  I had so much fun sharing the day with them!

This was a little decorative plate in one of the gift shops and I just loved that quote. 

This was a display in the gift shop.  Here is just one of the beautiful costumes we got to see.  And I just love her :)

They had so many Downton Abbey items and I absolutely loved it! 

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  1. this is pretty much the coolest thing! I'm reading way late lol but I'm catching up on blogs today.

    I love the biltmore and I love that show! Totally jealous. Also, beautiful pictures!