Monday, February 2, 2015

Shopping finds (thrift store and Burkes)

I went shopping (surprise) and found some deals!!!  Oh how deals make me happy!  Here are my deals I found:

First up is the thrift store:

I picked up yet another grandma sweater.  This one had to come home with me though because it had that beautiful metallic floral detail and little lacing kit work on the bottom and sleeves.  I just like oversized sweaters in the winter...

I also picked up this Hollister cardigan with the sweetest ruffle detail on the pockets.  I actually needed a new neutral cardigan because I accidentally stained my favorite Anne Taylor one in the wash when we first got married and have been missing it.  

I also picked up this book because I had it on my Goodreads to read list.  By the way of you haven't checked out Goodreads and you like to read check it out!  It lets you make a list of books you have read and want to read and gives you recommendations based on that.  

Burkes outlet is next, in case you don't have a Burkes it is similar to a TJ Maxx but with slightly less nice items for the most part.  Although I did find a Michael Kors peacoat for around $45 that I did like.  

I actually didn't buy this since it was still $10 on clearance and I just couldn't justify it.  But how adorable is this gold parfum bank? 

My husband and I didn't have proper stockings, we made due with dollar tree ones this past Christmas. So I have been looking for a deal on some in after Christmas sales.  These were perfectly glitzy but not overly girly.  They were only $3.60 and I bought one for my husband and one for me.  

I got these adorable placemats and they were probably my favorite find of the day.  They remind me of Kate Spade with those glitter polka dots. These were considered "Christmas" so they were on a super sale of 90 cents!!  I bought the last 4 they had.  

Last thing I picked up was this book about the ladies of Duck Commander.  I love Duck Dynasty the family is awesome.  I thought this would be an interesting book to see the wives stories and how they deal with life.  


  1. My son loves when I take him to second hand stores-we look through the books and movies. Great finds!

    1. That's a great tradition to have with him, and not expensive which is a plus! I got my love for thrifing from my mom as well :) I still love going thrifting with her when I'm home.