Sunday, February 8, 2015

Free coffee ALL February!!!

All right ya'll this is the deal for all coffee lovers!  Chick-fil-a is being its usual awesome self and giving away FREE coffee for the entire month of February all day long!

They have a new coffee brand THRIVE Farmers.  You can get the coffee hot or iced.  The iced I am particularly excited about being cold brewed and served with mill and pure cane syrup...yumm!  

This offer includes a 12 ounce hot coffee (a small) or a 16 ounce iced coffee (medium).  This offer is available anytime during regular restaurant hours and is limited to one cup of coffee per customer, per visit.  You don't have to purchase anything to get it, just order :) 

Ahh I love free stuff!!!! 

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I've heard about their free coffee but didn't know what the rules and regulations were. I'm going to be taking advantage of this!

    1. No problem, I love sharing a good deal!

  2. This is awesome I am so glad I know this now.