Monday, January 5, 2015

How to Combine fonts on an embroidery machine

Alright so this post is going to be a little specific to my ladies that do embroidery...or maybe you don't but you might one day.  Some of you may know I got an embroidery machine on Black Friday.  I have been wanting one for so long because I have been wanting to do my own monogramming.

I have the Brother PE700II Embroidery Machine with USB Port and love it.

So I started to try and do monograms and bought some fonts and things and realized that I would have to calculate where each letter starts and ends and how  line them all up was a big headache and all my designs came out horrible.  I was really discouraged and decided to look up what I should do.

I found the Combine Design Program Version 1.1.112 software.

This is a software program created to merge PES files together and save as one file.  It will allow you to save in a 4x4, 5x7, or a 7x5 hoop size.  This software is perfect for those needing to combine letters from a digitized font and save the word, name or monogram as one single file to load to your machine.

So what is does is take your fonts that you import into the program and lets you arrange them to suit you then you save them as one file and transfer it to your embroidery machine.  Then you can set up your machine and it will do it all as one, no stopping and figuring out where to put the next letter and you don't' have to calculate it.

It works with Windows 7, 8, vista, and xp.  Unfortunately it does not run on Mac software or iPads or android tablets.

Watch the tutorial below:

The best thing is that this program is just $11, yes there are nicer programs out there but really this is all I need it to do.

I have been so happy with this program and highly recommend it if you are struggling with combining/arranging your fonts when embroidering.

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