Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday by erin-rucker-richardson featuring a travel kit

1. Vanilla Coke: Oh how I love vanilla coke!  I am seriously addicted and they are a little hard to find.  The grocery store had a deal on cokes last week and I bought all 2 boxes of them in the store.  If you haven't tried it, go get one it is the perfect combination of creamy and coke! 

2. Candy Crush Saga: I have played this for a couple of years and have always loved it off and on.  This week I have been playing during my free time at work and oh man my addiction is starting again...level 240 no big deal :)

3. JORDANA Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain - Terra Crave: I got this on sale at Walgreens last month and used it a few times.  This week I have been reaching for it a lot more.  It is such an easy lip color to use and it is really buildable.  I am not one to do a lot of color on my lips so I like tat I can put it on light or build it up.  

4. Sonia Kashuk® Limited Edition Completely Organized & Celebrate Cosmetic Bag: I picked this up at the Goodwill a couple of weeks ago for $3 to use as an organizer in my purse and let me tell you I am in love!  This thing holds everything!  There are two main pockets (one large and one small) then on the inside of the large pocket you have 2 slip pockets and a zip pocket.  Then behind the smaller outside zip pocket is an open pocket.  This thing has been so great to round up my makeup and other essentials that used to float around my purse.  

5. The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette: A Novel: I started reading this at the beginning of the week and while it is not unbelievable it is still a decent read.  It is a little cheesy but still covers a lot of historical points and seeing things from the point of view of Marie Antoinette was interesting.

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A new perfume every month? Yes please!

I love perfume.  I love the magic of a scent and how it can transport you back to a memory.  I have so many perfumes but I still look for more.  I used to want to have a signature scent (and really tried) but I am too finicky and couldn't limit myself to just one.  

One thing I am not a fan of is how expensive good quality perfumes are.  I mean seriously $50-$100+ for perfume???  No way no how.

Well I recently discovered a fix for saving money yet still getting a new perfume to try out...and designer none the less.  Scentbird is a monthly subscription service that provides you with a designer perfume every month for $14.95.  

Here's How it Works:

1. Sign Up: Take the quiz and get personal scent recommendations based on your personality and lifestyle.

2. Choose the Perfume: Pick from 350+ designer fragrances 100% authentic.  Brands include Dior, Victor & Rolf, Tom Ford, Gucci, Chloe, trust me if you have heard of it they have it.  

3. Get Your Monthly Supply: You receive a 0.27 oz/8 ml spray.  The first month comes with a velvet pouch and atomizer.  When you get next months perfume you pull the glass vial up, drop in your new scent and twits back down

To actually use the fragrance you twist the atomizer and the spritzer floats upward, which I think is pretty cool.  You don't have to worry about caps and its safe to throw in your purse.  These are also great for travel since they are so small.

This is such a great subscription that would work for a variety of people; the perfume addicts, the new scent lookers, and the people who need help figuring out what scent they want, this is a great option.

For mine I picked Dior Poison.  I'm loving it.  Such a warm unique scent that lasts and I get a lot of compliments.  It really is unique, I've never smelled anything like it.  
After you get the perfume and test it our, you log into your account and rate it.  Scentbird will then recommend fragrances to you based on your rating.  My favorite thing is that you can create a fragrance queue so you know which ones you want to try next.  
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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday by erin-rucker-richardson featuring a grey nail polish

1. Love Me Like You Do by Elli Goulding: I did not get one this band wagon because it is on the Fifty Shades CD, I love Ellie Goulding and fell in love with this song on its own accord.  Her harmonies are great and I just love the sound, different but still something I love! 

2. Parenthood: Oh Parenthod, I can't believe they are ending this show!  I started watching in college and then got my husband hooked and it is probably one of my favorite shows ever.  I love the Braverman family and this show really has a way of making you feel a part of the family.  You hurt when they hurt and you are happy when they are happy.  If you haven't ever watched it please do!  I'm not a parent but I love parenthood! 

3.Brother PE700II Embroidery Machine with USB Port: I mentioned this in a few blog posts a while back.  I got an embroidery machine on Black Friday from overstock and I used it a little but sill didn't know how to work it.  Well I recently figured things out and have now been monogramming everything in our house...seriously all my jackets and sweatshirts and towels...ahhh I am in heaven with being able to do my own monograms!! 

4.The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella: I just started reading this and it is hilarious.  I have read a lot of Sophie Kinsella's books before and she is always so funny and makes situations that are ridiculous but still very relatable and down to earth.  

5.essie nail polish in Merino Cool: I love a good gray in the winter and this one is so pretty.  It has a purple shade to it that adds a nice touch.

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Free Shipping at Groopdealz!!

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fashion Finds At Walmart?

Fashion Finds At Walmart

Fashion Finds At Walmart by erin-rucker-richardson on Polyvore

Yes you read that right, these are all fashion finds from...Walmart!  I was so surprised to find these clothing items that look like J.Crew or other more expensive designs for Walmart prices.  Everything here is less than $25 but they are rollbacks or clearance so if you love it get it, they change and sell out quickly!

- Quilted Bubble Jacket with Faux Fur Trim $18 This J Crew inspired puffer jacket is perfect for winter.  Not too bulky but still warm.  It has a super soft faux fur collar that can be removed if its not your thing.  

- Ponte Black Leggings with Faux Leather Stripe $8 These pants are the perfect dupe for the ZARA/J Crew pixie pants at a fraction of the cost.  They are like leggings only much thicker, yet still super comfy and stretchy.  The leather on the side adds the perfect detail.  

- Navy Skater Dress $12 Such a cute dress that can be dressed up or down depending on your accessories.  I love the feel of the white and navy together, it looks so crisp and classy.  

- Military Style Faux Wool Coat $20 Such a beautiful coat!  I love the feminine flare and waist cinching belt and the combination of the tweed and those buttons sets it all off.  

- V-Neck Tunic Sweater with Zipper Detail $16 Oversized sweaters are my go-to in the winter and this one has a sassy edge with that zipper detail.  

- Black Scoop Neck Dress $14 The perfect LBD, classy scoop neck, figure flattering shape, cap sleeves and pockets!!!

- Quilted Vest with Faux Fur Collar $15 This one is just like the jacket I mentioned first just in a vest form.  It is a nice J Crew dupe and looks way more expensive than it is.  The fur is also removable on this as well.    

- Black Tube Skirt $5 A classic black pencil tube skirt for $5?  Seriously go buy it now! 

- Faux Wool Modern Zip Coat with Stand Up Collar $21 I love the modern yet classy feel of this jacket and the blue color is such a perfect pop.  It also has a zipper so you don't have to deal with buttons.  

- Cargo Jacket with Aztec Print Sleeves $18 Cargo jackets have been big this season and this one stands out from the crowd.  Seriously those sleeves are great!  So much character and fun.  The cinched waist helps define your figure and adds a little femininity.  

Have you guys found any great fashion finds at Walmart?  Let me know below, I'm always on the search for a good deal! 

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

1. Bath & Body Works Party Dress Candle: This is such a beautiful scent that we used for our New Year's Eve party and just now finished it.  It is sweet and bubbly but also a little dark and mysterious.  It smells like a party in a candle.  

2. The Mistletoe Promise : I love Richard Paul Evans, he is one of my favorite authors.  Yes this is a Christmas book but I gt it for Christmas and just got around to reading it.  It was so sweet and a great romantic holiday read.  But seriously if you haven't read anything by him check it out!!! 

3. Bath & Body Works Forever Midnight Eau De Parfum: I got this perfume 75% off at Bath and Bodyworks Semi Annual Sale (ended up being $8).  I already had the mini version and absolutely loved it, so I got the big version.  I have been using it everyday and I love it!  It is sweet, warm and deep scent.  The bottle is pretty and the name always makes me think of Cinderella.  If your store has it on sale pick it up you won't be disappointed.  I'm just sad that they are discontinuing it.  

4. Ponte Pants: These are $9 at Walmart and are so comfortable.  My uniform during the winter is leggings and big sweaters and these are the perfect legging/pants.  They are thicker than normal leggings yet still stretchy and comfy.  These have cute detail on the side that I love! 

5. The Bachelor: My husband and I have been watching this on Tuesday night...(since we don't have cable and can't pick up the channel on our antenna) and have been having a great time laughing at the silly drama.  I don't know how much longer into the season I can get him to watch with me, but for now he is putting up with it.  

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What I got from after Christmas deals

So I love some deals (ya'll know I am a dealaholic!) and after holiday deals are some of my favorites so of course I had to check them out.  Here's what I got:

I made two trips to Michael's and the first trip I made quite a scoop:

-Kate Spade inspired makeup bags ($1 each)
-Kate Spade inspired pens (50 cents each)
-Pink Aztec cosmetic bags (50 cents each)
-Tiny picture frames (50 cents each)
-Glitter pinecones (99 cents)
-Picture frame ornament (50 cents)
-R ornament (50 cents)
-Initial notecards (50 cents)

On my second trip I got this DIY cardboard deer head because my husband loved it and I thought it was hilarious...and it was $1

I also picked up 4 Hello Kitty Hot Chocolae mixes because they were adorable, don't expire until 2017 and I plan on giving them as gifts, they were (25 cents each),  I also got that adorable sleep mask for 50 cents for my gift box.  (I buy gifts on clearance and stockpile them so I always have something for someone)

Christmas clearance was 75% off at Walmart so I picked up:
-2 of the Flower perfume gift sets for $4 a piece.  One has a lotion/body wash and the other has a nail polish and a cute lipstick.  These are perfect to keep for gifts.  
-Glitter bow cosmetic case that had a Kate Spade feel ($1)
-Baby's First Christmas bib (41 cents) and no I am NOT pregnant, I thought it would make a good gift to hang onto. 
-4 pairs of fuzzy socks for 75 cents each (only 3 in the picture because I was already wearing the other one...)
-pack of 7 gift bags for ($1)
-multi color lights ($1) my husband loves colored lights

I found this adorable tray in the home section for $6 at Target and I love trays.  It is quite Christmasy so I might actually spray paint it...haven't decided yet.  I loved how it had 2 different compartments.  

The Christmas was 90% off and I got these gift bags for 25 cents each!  

-I also got an E stocking decoration or ornament for 50 cents
-2 pack of rustic wooden snowflake ornaments for 50 cents
-glass R ornament for 50 cents
-glitter Joy ornament for 50 cents
-2 pairs of Christmas socks for 50 cents 

And probably my best deal was this wine cabinet/side table tat I got at CVS.  It was originally $49.99 and it was reduced to $12.99!!!  I just couldn't pass it up!

What deals did you guys get after Christmas?

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Thrifting finds

Here are some of my finds from my recent thrifting adventure:

I picked up this oversized striped shirt with floral detailing on the shoulders.  I think it will be perfect for layering under vests, or just wearing by itself...and it covers my butt for leggings which is a plus.  ($3.75)

This jacket was my favorite find.  I have been looking for a long peacoat to wear over my dresses and longer shirt outfits and I am in love with this one!  It is a black tweedy material with these beautiful silver buttons.  Plus it has pockets and it was only $8!! 

I love oversized sweaters and this one is perfect, just the right length and so warm!  Yes it is a little see through but I wear a cami underneath and all is well.  ($3.75)

And I fell in love with this sweater that has a layered look with the chiffon material at the bottom that I love.  It is so soft and I love the marbled gray look of the sweater.  ($3.75)

I love thrifting and get really excited when I find great deals, let me know what you have found lately.  

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Cozy Day Must Haves

Cozy Day Must Haves

Cozy Day Must Haves by erin-rucker-richardson featuring a heart shaped mug

Since it has been absolutely FREEZING here the last couple of days I thought I would share my cozy day must-haves.  I mean who actually wants to do anything on cold days except stay inside cuddled up and be lazy??

Here are my must-haves for a cozy comfy day:

- Comfy Sweatshirt: Nothing better than an oversized sweatshirt and this one from Pink is so soft and warm! 

- Cozy leggings: Do you actually want to put on real pants?  Nope, these fleece lined leggings ones are perfect for comfy cozy days.  

- Fuzzy socks: Fun fuzzy socks are pretty much required :)

- Slippers: To top off your fuzzy socks , how pretty are these from American Eagle?  Bows and glitter! 

- Tazo chai tea: My absolute favorite chai !  So relaxing and warms you up.  

- laptop: You need something to binge watch Netflix on while you cozy up in bed...this is the one I have.  

- warm throw: I mean you have to have a blanket to get extra cozy and these cashmere throws from Parachute are absolute perfection.  They also have a selection of the most luxurious bedding around, check them out here

- good book: When you take a break from Netflix you can switch it up and get caught up in a great book, I have been wanting to start Gone Girl since I got it for Christmas.  

- mug: I promise that chai tastes so much better in a cute mug and seriously how adorable is this bacon one?  

- candle: I automatically feel more cozy if I have a candle burning and this one in Vanilla Cedarwood from Bath & Bodyworks is my absolute favorite.  It's warm and sweet but also a little manly.  

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