Saturday, December 6, 2014

My Christmas Wish List

My Christmas Wish List

Alright so I have never done one of these posts before because I feel like its a little weird to just put out there everything you are hoping for...but I had so much fun creating this on polyvore that I had to post it.  Plus my husband needs help shopping for Christmas so here is a BIG hint ;)

Definitely am not expecting even half of the things on this list, these are just some things I have been eyeing and have been wanting for a while.  Maybe it will give you all some ideas for your Christmas wish lists...I always like seeing what other people want (does that make me weird??)

and last but not least I really really really want the Brother PE770 embroidery machine .  This thing is an awesome embroidery machine but is a little pricey, so I might just have to wait and save....

That's my list, what are you guys hoping to get for Christmas?  I would love to see, I'm weird like that :)

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