Saturday, November 1, 2014

Thrifting Haul

So I know I have been a little mia lately but October has kicked my butt.

work, cow shows, weddings, bridal showers, bringing our dog to our house, my husband getting ready for his phd applications, and just normal life (cause no matter how busy you are you still have clothes and dishes to wash) I haven't had time to excuse but I will try and blog more!

Anyway I went on some much needed thrifting a couple of weeks ago and here's what I found:

Yes that is a princess/queen Halloween costume, I didn't wear it this year but hey you always need a costume stash right?

I love this Old Navy striped sweater, so soft and comfortable and I think it would look cute with a scarf.  Can you ever have too many stripes in the fall???

Fell absolutely in love with this J.Crew floral tank top.  It's a little pastely for fall/winter but with a sweater and a scarf it will be perfect.  

I have been looking for a blazer for a while and this one was waiting for me at the thrift store.  Brand new with tags from Target but for $4???  So chic and classic to make any outfit look more put together.

 So those are my finds.  Do you guys go thrifting?  I love the "thrill of the hunt" and the feeling when I find something great for such a good price!

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