Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wedding DIY: Parent Gifts

Continuing with the wedding post here are some ideas for gifts for your parents and future in-laws on the wedding day.  Now my mom said giving gifts wasn't necessary but they worked really hard on my wedding, spent a large amount of money and I wanted them to have a little special something for them to remember the day and to know how thankful I am.  I also wanted my future in-laws to know how happy I am to have them and to be joining their family.

So I got personalized embroidered handkerchiefs for my mom, dad, father-in-law and mother-in-law.  I custom designed these from a store on etsy personifyit.    

They absolutely loved them and I know that they will treasure them through the years.  They are such a sweet way to commemorate the day.  

I also got my mom and mother-in-law charm locket necklaces.   

I picked out the charms to go along with things that they liked to do and things that represented them:
My mother-in-law got a watering can and flowers for gardening, birthstones for her, her husband, Kyle and for me!

For my mom I picked a chefs hat for cooking, birthstones for all of us, watering can, and a cow of course!

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