Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wedding DIY: DIY Rustic Wedding Reception Decorations

Another tale from the budget friendly bride.  As I mentioned before I did most of the decorations myself with the help of my wonderful family and friends.  Here's how I decorated the reception for my wedding:

I wanted a simple, rustic yet elegant and beautiful look.  I also wanted lots of character and little touches that made a big impact.

My favorite part of the reception venue was this beautiful fireplace in the back center of the room.  It added so much to the place and was a great centerpiece for the sweetheart table which we put right in front.

I made the "Mr & Mrs" sign from some scraps of burlap that I cut to size, free-handed the letters and hot glued to some twine.

A lady that goes to my church was so sweet and helped be my unofficial decorator for the reception.  She did an amazing job! 

She used a crate from Michael's and decorated it with jars, candles, baby's breath and greenery from her backyard

I got this vase a couple years ago, read the review here

We used burlap for the table runners that we got from Lowe's here 
You do have to cut it to size and it gets a frayed look but no big deal...I wanted a rustic look right?

Oh and that black heart is a reserved sign I made for the bridal party tables.  I got some hearts on dowel sticks from Hobby Lobby and painted them black then wrote "reserved" on them with a paint pen and stuck them in the vase

The centerpieces I also made myself.  I had friends and family collect glass bottles and jars for me for months before the wedding and I spent FOREVER taking off the labels.  (soak in water with vinegar and dish soap) Then I would spray some water on the bottles and spray paint silver (The water droplets gave it an antique mercury look).  On the table I grouped them by varying heights and wrapped twine around them.  Then placed baby's breath in the bottles.

The jars I covered with burlap and some with lace and then placed 2 burlap jars and 2 ribbon jars with a candle in them at each table.

I would also suggest if you are going to use tablecloths to search around early.  I borrowed some and then realized I needed a few more and had to rent some.  If I had known I needed more earlier I probably could have bought them for the price of renting.  So just some bride knowledge, do your research early and know what you want to save some money! 


My bridesmaids also wrapped Christmas lights and tulle together and draped them up the stairs.  

I borrowed the cake stand from my wonderful cake lady and she decorated underneath it with baby's breath.  And in case you were wondering the cake was alternating layers of white and lemon with a delicious buttercream frosting...yumm!  She also was able to do a beautiful lace effect with the icing that was just perfect!  

I fell absolutely in love with this Willow Tree Cake Topper and loved the simple yet elegant feel.  

We had a really long table on one of the sides of the room and we used it as a gift/card table as well as a place to display our engagement pictures and other things. 

I love how eclectic it looked.  We also added some candle holders and baby's breath to soften and add depth.  

The card basket came from pick your plum and I painted the sign on a burlap canvas piece from Michael's

These letters came from Hobby Lobby on sale and I loved them! 

I gathered all my frames and filled them with pictures I loved of us and that was the display table.  

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