Friday, July 4, 2014

Thrifting Haul

I apologize for slacking completely on my blogging...I have been so busy with planning my wedding (30 days away oh my goodness!) and moving my mountain of belongings to my soon to be home.

I have been doing a little shopping when I get the chance and ya'll know thrift stores have my heart and here is a little haul of some things I picked up:

  • J.Crew Navy dress
  • Aerie plaid pajama bottoms
  • Old Navy pink pants
  • Ralph Lauren pink button down
  • Ann Taylor dress pants
  • Adidas spandex shorts
  • Nike running shorts
I got all this for $30!!  

Sorry I didn't take pictures of each item individually...I was in a rush in the store and didn't have time.  But I did lay them out on so you can see the brands and get an idea of the items.

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