Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Break Haul 2014

Oh my goodness Spring Break!  How I have been waiting for you!  I didn't really have like a destination spring break.  I went o visit my Grandma in South Carolina with my sisters and my mom.  We ate out way too much and shopped till we dropped!

So I am just going to go through what all I got:

Carolina Pottery- This store is only in the southeast but it is a pretty cool store.  It has all kinds of home decor items, floral items, and also some pretty cute little boutiquey items

So I got the cutest cooler bag in gray and turquoise chevron.  This bag is HUGE!  I will be able to fit everything I ever need to keep cool.  Perfect for picnics or bringing groceries home.

I also picked up these adorable chalkboard labels.  I have been looking for these for a while and I have some containers that are screaming for labels...but now I can have some happy containers :)

Thrift Stores- So ya'll know I am a little bit of a thriftaholic (who am I kidding I am a thriftaholic) anyways here are some fruits of my thrifting at my grandmas

So these were such an AWESOME deal!  I love these little headbands to wear when I am working out or just to wear when I am having a lazy day.  Anyway these headbands were from Target brand new and still had the clearance tag from Target on them $4.24 (on clearance) and I got them for $0.50 each!!!  Seriously awesome!  They all have silicone on them to help them stay in place.

 I picked up this pair of Old Navy distressed capris.  These are such a nice fit and I only have like 2 pairs of capris.  I love how they are distressed and the rolled look on the bottom.

 I also picked up this Lucky Brand flowy floral top.  It is super light and so comfy.  I can't wait to wear it this spring and summer and Lucky Brand, ya'll know that's one of my favorites!

 Ross- Do I even need to put anything here...I love Ross (2nd to T.J. Maxx) but still I love seeing their deals!
I got a new pair of shades, brand Hot Kiss and they were only $5.99, they are cute and comfy so I just went for it.

I also got some undies....but hey I'm a lady and can't show them online (but they are the nice nowshow material so go get some at Ross)

T.J. Maxx- here's some stuff I picked up at my Grandma's store

I have heard about Travelos from Youtube for a while and I got a really cheap one from eBay but all the perfume dried up in it and it didn't work.  This one is so much better and it was on clearance!  These are great for traveling with your favorite perfumes but you don't have to carry that big bottle around and risk breaking it.  

Oh and I went to my T.J. Maxx a few days after I got home and found them there for $3 on clearance (go figure) but I  went ahead and bought two more.

I also picked up essie brand top coat and it was only $4.99, I was needing a new top coat and figured I would try this one out.

Hobby Lobby- so I am obsessed with Hobby Lobby but my closest one is like an hour away :(  My Grandma has one close so of course we went there.  I was looking for wedding decorations and also looking for floral stems for my bouquet (more details on this later)

I did find this adorable little wood plaque that I am planning on using as decor at our wedding on a little table.

I also got two easels that we are going to use to display pictures on a table.

So that's my Spring Break haul hope you enjoyed it!  Let me know if you have scored any deals lately!

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