Saturday, March 1, 2014

CVS Savings Haul!!!

I love a bargain and clearance is probably my favorite word...CVS has won it's way into my heart with wonderful deals on makeup.

I have heard of the CVS Beauty Clearance event from  youtube but hadn't ever checked it out.  For those of you who don't know what this is, at the end of every other season or so CVS does a big overhaul and marks several of their beauty items 50%-75% off.  I had no idea it was going on right now, I just happened to be in the CVS and the lovely clearance signs called my name.  I lasered in on those was good but when I saw a green one I was like YES!  

This haul is from three different CVS's...I know I went a little crazy but seriously these deals were crazy good:

Everything is all jumbled up but here is a look at all my goodies! 

 Revlon Colorstay Aqua powder in Translucent $3.69

Makeup wedges...these were $1.00!! 

I seriously got 8 nail polishes for around $15.00!!  And these are good quality nail polishes too (Covergirl, Nicole, & Sally Hansen) These ranged from .85 cents to $2.00!!  

I actually got two of these, I got one and have been using it, loved it so bought another...I have a problem I know.  It was one of my more expensive items coming in at $5.25 but this stuff stays all day! 

 This round:
-my other foundation
-Not Your Mother's She's A Tease Volumizing Hairspray- I love this brand but they can be pricy I got this for $1.49!!!
-COTY Loose Powder in Natural - $1.87
-Physician's Formula Tone Correcting Powder (I have been wanting to try this line but can't pay that price...I got this one for $3.49)
-Physician's Formula Baked Eyeshadow in Oatmeal - $2.12

I got a couple new products I am super excited to try and some old favorites.  Overall I saved around $100!!!

Here's some tips for your CVS clearance trip:

1. Not all CVS will physically mark their products down. This means you have to physically go in, fill you basket up with items from the list that you think are said to be on sale, and use the scanner in the store to make sure they actually are. Believe me you do not want to get in the line with a basket full of goodies only to find that only two things in your basket are actually marked down. This has happened to me and I’m saving you the humiliation.

2. Not all CVS stores will have their sale at the same time.

3. Stock up - But only if you need it.  Stock up on your favorite lipsticks, eyeliners and even foundations, before you check out just make sure it’s stuff you really want to use and not a “in the moment” item.

Have you been to the CVS Sale?  I would love to hear your deal finds, leave me a comment below telling me your awesome finds and if you have any coupon/deal tips please share!!



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