Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thrifting finds

Ya'll I am obsessed with thrifting, seriously I would rather shop at the Goodwill than the mall. 

I mean where else can you get high quality super adorable clothes for less than $5????

Check out my recent purchases:

Forever 21 denim tunic top $3.25

Ann Taylor green sweater $3.25

Champion hot pink workout sweatshirt $3.25

Tommy Hilfiger sweater $3.25

"Grandma" glitzy sweater (sorry no brand) $3.25

New York & Co. Tunic Top $3.25

Another "Grandma" no brand sweater neon floral $3.25

All my items came to a little under $30...ya'll that's for 7 tops..did you get that 7!!  Seriously if I had bought all of these in their own stores, even on sale it would have been at least $70!

I would love to hear about your favorite thrifting finds...leave me a comment below!


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