Wednesday, August 7, 2013

SugarMonogramming Review

Ya'll I have found the perfect combination...I mean seriously what could be better than North Carolina and monogramming all put together on one T-Shirt???

SugarMonogramming is where it is at!

I got to review one of their State Pride Monogrammed T-Shirts...check out the adorableness below:

Oh my goodness the cuteness is overflowing, I mean seriously I love state pride items and ya'll know I'm a monogramaholic so together this shirt is absolute perfection!

SugarMonogramming is a mother daughter team store.  The name "sugar" came from a nickname of her daughter and great-grandmother.  They use this store to showcase their creativity and create custom clothes and personalized pieces for all ages. 

They offer custom children's clothing, appliqued shirts, women's monogrammed items, home accent items, baby gift sets and lots they say basically if it's not moving we can monogram it (a store after my own heart)

"EVERYTHING looks better with a monogram!"

This store is the cutest thing ever and the quality is unbelievable! 

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