Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Simmental Donation Item: The Big Red Barn Review

Livestock lovers I have found THE store for livestock related home decor items...The Big Red Barn!

This shop has clocks, tiles, custom livestock awards and more!

Now I am a Simmental girl and a junior advisor to the NC Junior Simmental Association.  We have an Annual Meeting with the adult members of the Association in September where we have an auction to raise money for the members.

This store donated an item to be auctioned off to raise money for the juniors.  This year is an important year to raise money as many of the juniors are planning on attending the Eastern Regional in the summer of 2014, so fundraising is so very very important. 

Check out this beautiful piece that The Big Red Barn donated:

Pictures do not do it justice this piece is beautiful!!  It is a silver plate with barbed wire detailing along the edge and stars in the corners.  In the center there is a picture of three cows in a pasture.

The plate comes with a quality stand so that it can be easily displayed in a place of pride in your home.

All my Simmental readers get your money saved up to bid on this at the Annual Meeting!  Proceeds go to the Juniors!!!

Thanks to The Big Red Barn for their beautiful donation!!!


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