Monday, August 19, 2013

Tie On Towel: Messy Messy Me Review

I don't know about you guys but I always like to have a towel over my oven rack to dry my hands, veggies, etc. on with ease.  The only issue is that without fail it will fall off at least once a day....I have found a solution!

Introducing Messy Messy Me's Tie on towels!  

This is the cutest little shop offering lots of practical handmade and vintage items that help clean up, get organized, or just make things pretty.  A lot of the products are made with re-purposed vintage fabrics and trims to make a one of a kind, originally designed item...which I love!

I got to review an adorable tie on towel featuring teacups and blue gingham!

I am such a sucker for pretty matter what is inside it makes it feel so much fancier!

 Please ignore my messy oven and just look at how cute that is!

 Never to fall off again! 

This is absolutely adorable, brightens up my kitchen, solves a problem, and is totally functional!  Seriously do yourself a favor and check out Messy Messy Me!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Pink House Press Review

I am a Carolina Girl through and through.  I love representing my state and anything to do with NC I am all over it.  I discovered these adorable koozies on The Pink House Press shop on etsy.   

"Perfect for fans of the great state of North Carolina and James Taylor alike, this custom-designed koozie is inspired by the classic "Carolina in My Mind." Great as a gift for UNC grads and those pining for the land of the pine from a distance."

Fits normal 12 oz. cans and bottles. Printed on both sides.

I am absolutely in LOVE!  The print is adorable the color is pretty and I now own the cutest koozie ever!

Check out the discount:
Buy 4 and I'll send a 5th FREE (includes combining different koozies, they have them in different colors and an SC one)!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nautical Bracelets: WhatKnotShop Review

I had the chance to review two bracelets from WhatKnotShop on etsy. 

I have really been loving nautical style bracelets for a while, I was super excited to try these out!!

I got one in a light tan and one in yellow. 

 The light tan is made with a softer lay cord so it is less stiff. 

These bracelets are adjustable, super comfortable and cute!

They would be perfect to complete your arm candy look or to just wear alone.

I LOVE the feel of these bracelets and have been wearing the light tan one non-stop!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Simmental Donation Item: The Big Red Barn Review

Livestock lovers I have found THE store for livestock related home decor items...The Big Red Barn!

This shop has clocks, tiles, custom livestock awards and more!

Now I am a Simmental girl and a junior advisor to the NC Junior Simmental Association.  We have an Annual Meeting with the adult members of the Association in September where we have an auction to raise money for the members.

This store donated an item to be auctioned off to raise money for the juniors.  This year is an important year to raise money as many of the juniors are planning on attending the Eastern Regional in the summer of 2014, so fundraising is so very very important. 

Check out this beautiful piece that The Big Red Barn donated:

Pictures do not do it justice this piece is beautiful!!  It is a silver plate with barbed wire detailing along the edge and stars in the corners.  In the center there is a picture of three cows in a pasture.

The plate comes with a quality stand so that it can be easily displayed in a place of pride in your home.

All my Simmental readers get your money saved up to bid on this at the Annual Meeting!  Proceeds go to the Juniors!!!

Thanks to The Big Red Barn for their beautiful donation!!!


SugarMonogramming Review

Ya'll I have found the perfect combination...I mean seriously what could be better than North Carolina and monogramming all put together on one T-Shirt???

SugarMonogramming is where it is at!

I got to review one of their State Pride Monogrammed T-Shirts...check out the adorableness below:

Oh my goodness the cuteness is overflowing, I mean seriously I love state pride items and ya'll know I'm a monogramaholic so together this shirt is absolute perfection!

SugarMonogramming is a mother daughter team store.  The name "sugar" came from a nickname of her daughter and great-grandmother.  They use this store to showcase their creativity and create custom clothes and personalized pieces for all ages. 

They offer custom children's clothing, appliqued shirts, women's monogrammed items, home accent items, baby gift sets and lots they say basically if it's not moving we can monogram it (a store after my own heart)

"EVERYTHING looks better with a monogram!"

This store is the cutest thing ever and the quality is unbelievable! 

Like them on Facebook!


To Gild the Lilly Review

I discovered To Gild the Lily on etsy and absolutely fell in love with all the adorable phone case options...and guess what ya'll they are MONOGRAMMED!!

Choose from hundreds of unique iPhone case designs. Customize your iPhone with your monogram. With cases for iPhone 4/4s and 5. Monogrammed iPhone 5 cases and personalized iPhone cases will make your iPhone uniquely yours.

Monogrammed cases to fit: iPhone 4/4s/5, iPod Touch 4/5, iPad 2/3/4, Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch.

Cases are hand decorated right here in the USA. So No long shipping times!!

I got to review one of the most adorable cases I have ever seen:

Iphone 4 case - Personalized Monogram Tiffany blue animal print cross - Religious iphone 4s cover, plastic or rubber (9980)

I have been using this case nonstop since I received it and have gotten compliments on it everywhere!  It is absolutely adorable and I have never seen one like it! 

BK Home Review

Disclaimer....Monograms are my obsession...but check these out they are soooo cute!

So ya'll already know I am obsessed with monograms...well I saw this store BK Home on etsy and just couldn't turn away.

They have an array of cute home decor items custom to fit you!

I had the chance to review two products from their store:

Vinyl Monogram decal

Vinyl monogram that will adhere to walls, doors, glass, plastic...just about everything!  These are adorable and can be used to pretty up any surface...I haven't used mine yet, I'm still deciding where to put it. 

Monogram On Canvas

Own a personalized piece of art! Made in ANY two colors on a 9 x 7 canvas.

Makes a great gift for friends, daughters, sisters, bridesmaids, hostesses, any woman!!

This would also be beautiful with a bride and groom's initials. It would make a great wedding accent item!

Both of these are adorable and SUPER high quality!!

Check out BK Home for perfect gift ideas!!!


Monday, August 5, 2013

Turnip Creations Review

Looking for absolutely adorable hair accessories?  Well check out Turnip me you won't want to look anywhere else!

Turnip Creations provides a wide array of the most adorable hair accessories I have seen anywhere!  They have hair ties in SO many adorable patterns, hair clips, headbands and other hair accessories. 

I had the chance to review some products from the store:

I opened up the package and was overwhelmed by the cuteness that was included.  I got around 40 hair ties in such cute patterns I was flipping out.  (look at those glitter, chevron and polka dot prints....can't even handle it)

I also got to review 4 of the cutest headbands.  They are made out of the same material of the hair ties but they have these flower details on the top that take a bad hair day and make it absolutely adorable...people will think you really tried on your hair. 

The quality on these products is AMAZING!!!  They withstand use after use and don't get all gross and stretched out.

This store is the cutest thing ever and the owner is so sweet they even offered a deal to my lovely readers:

Use coupon code BLOGGER25 and you will get 25% off your order!!!