Monday, August 19, 2013

Tie On Towel: Messy Messy Me Review

I don't know about you guys but I always like to have a towel over my oven rack to dry my hands, veggies, etc. on with ease.  The only issue is that without fail it will fall off at least once a day....I have found a solution!

Introducing Messy Messy Me's Tie on towels!  

This is the cutest little shop offering lots of practical handmade and vintage items that help clean up, get organized, or just make things pretty.  A lot of the products are made with re-purposed vintage fabrics and trims to make a one of a kind, originally designed item...which I love!

I got to review an adorable tie on towel featuring teacups and blue gingham!

I am such a sucker for pretty matter what is inside it makes it feel so much fancier!

 Please ignore my messy oven and just look at how cute that is!

 Never to fall off again! 

This is absolutely adorable, brightens up my kitchen, solves a problem, and is totally functional!  Seriously do yourself a favor and check out Messy Messy Me!


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