Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Seven Miles Per Second Card Review

I love cards.  I have a whole box full of them for every possible occasion.

I found the shop Seven Miles Per Second that offers super cute and original cards.  They also offer T-shirts!

 I received two sets of cards to review:

1. 2 pack Personalized North Carlina "roots" cards- These are adorable and absolutely perfect!  I love personalized note cards for thank you notes and these are perfect!  Included two envelopes that are transparent. 

 2. "I" card- This one is absolutely adorable!  The outside has a sprinkling of mixed capitalization "i's"  and the inside reads, "I only have eyes for you".  Can't wait to send this to the boyfriend! Included an envelope in what looks to be recycled brown paper. 

 Check out Seven Miles Per Second for a wide array of personalized cards and State pride items!

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