Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lovely things of NC: For the Love of Maps Review

Ya'll know I love my state...so why not get another NC decor piece???

I stumbled across For the Love of Maps on etsy and fell in love with their State pride pieces

 These aren't just any state maps, inside the state outline there are places, things, and famous for's that coincide with the state.

Some of my favorites on the NC one:

Glorious Super Sugary Glazed Donuts
Grandfather's Mountain
A Ridge of Blue
where the Wright's first flew
the Real Mayberry
Vanderbilt's Humungous House

The descriptions are really cute and give a perfect overview of the beautiful state of North Carolina! 

 The prints come unframed, this was just an old frame I happened to have laying around that I sanded down a little to make it distressed...I love them together!

I am in love with this print and the simplicity of the design.  Perfect for any NC lover!

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