Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hanna's Boutique Review

I got to review this super cute resusable snack baggie from HannasBoutique on esty. 

Instead of using a ziplock bag or plastic wrap try an eco-friendly reusable snack or small sandwich bag.

The pattern placement varies, every pouch is different due to the nature of this fabric....but they are adorable!

Made of Marimekko Puutarhurin Parhaat fabric. Very fresh yellow / white / black pattern. The 100% high quality cotton is easily machine washable in warm/hot water, a plus since you are going to be toting food...

-Velcro Closure all the way across the top for easy opening/closing.
-Lined with water resistant black nylon for easy cleaning. Lining is sewn seperately so you can pull it out when cleaning
- metal ring to the fabric loop attached to fabric loop for easy toting.

This is such a cute product to help you go green!  Perfect for any little snacks you might want.

And you don't have to just use them for snacks they are perfect for make up, toiletries, baby items, ipod, phone, coupons, etc.  

These bags come in different sizes and patterns so you can pick and choose to suit whatever you want to carry. 

Check out HannasBoutique for snack baggie options!


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