Monday, July 15, 2013

Beautiful Earth Flow Pottery: Tagawa Pottery Review

 I love pottery, the work that goes into it, the everyday use of a beautiful art piece, the feel of the piece.

I found this beautiful pottery shop on etsy called Tagawa Pottery

"My goal is to create pottery that has depth, character & flow. Where the parts merge to form a whole that is intriguing and pleasing to the eye as well as to the touch".

I thought this was such a beautiful statement and can be seen through all of her pieces.  They all have an earthy feel, each piece has that character and feel that I look for in art pieces.

Tagawa Pottery is located in Asheboro, NC (love supporting the locals!) and her shop is filled with jugs, luminaries, ring holders, bowls, colanders, and other beautiful free hand designed pieces.  

Follow her on Facebook or check out her Website

I had the chance to review a Recycled Glass Green Pottery Leaf:

It arrived in the cutest little wrapping, all tied up in twine and a little leaf attached!  

The pictures don't do it justice, this piece is absolutely beautiful!

They are hand formed using clay dug and processed in North Carolina

Before their last firing these leaves are glazed and glass is placed into the bottom. They are fired to over 2100°F; where glass melts around 1400°F this glass is fused to the piece. It makes a gorgeous intense pool of color.

The glass is from colorful bottles that are then cleaned, and broken into tiny pieces.  The color of glass in each leaf is random making each one unique...which I love!

I have been using mine as a ring holder on my dresser but she says they have been used as fairy ponds, terrarium additions, spoon rests, candy dishes, etc.

measure approximately 4-1/4" - 5" long x 3" wide x 1-1/2" high

Check out this store she has BEAUTIFUL pieces!!

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