Sunday, July 28, 2013

Daniel David Designs Review

I got to review two adorable items from Daniel David Designs on etsy.

This cute store offers lots of hand sewn items like keychains and camera strap covers...which are two things I got to review:

The keychain is so cute!  This is great to hold your keys on your wrist while walking or shopping and it is adorable!

The camera strap cover is my favorite!! I have actually been wanting one of these for a while and this is one of the cutest ones I have seen!  I love the pattern and the flower detail!  The strap also has a little pocket on one side where you can put your lens cap or anything else that needs storing.  The cover makes the strap so cute and more comfortable on your neck!  Now my camera is styling!

Check out Daniel David Designs!

NC Pillow: Painted Butterfly Review

I discovered The Painted Butterfly on etsy and was impressed by the artwork presented in the shop.  The artist Holly paints handcrafted artwork made from upcycled materials.  Some of the things offered include custom pet portraits and state artwork.

I got to review a state artwork item...a NC State Pillow!!! 

The pillow is handpainted and features things and places found in North Carolina like: turkeys, Winston Salem, Greensboro, Cape Hatteras, Wilmington, a cardinal, dogwood flower, etc.

I love the look of this pillow and the creative feel.  Ya'll ought to know by now that I love anything that has to do with North Carolina and this pillow is ABSOLUTELY perfect!!!

Check out The Painted Butterfly, Holly is an amazing artist!!!


Romantic Bark Vase: Rustic Grove Designs Review

I discovered Rustic Grove Designs on etsy and absolutely fell in love with the rustic charm presented in their iems. 

Offering a wide array of items from wedding paper, brooch bouquets, rustic reception items, and designs for home and gifts

"I love to create with things from a passage in time. To wonder where it began, who held it first and with the soft heart of how is was given. When the past becomes part of the present it fulfills me."

 I had the chance to review the Personalized Birch Bark Vase:

So cute, she even included these adorable paper flowers!!!

The inside, so you can actually put water in there!

These would be great for a wedding or just for a sweet vase in your home.  I love the rustic woodsy feel of the vase and the simple design.  I am in love with this!!

Vase measures 8 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide.

Check out Rustic Grove Designs for beautiful rustic items!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Horse Lovers Necklace: Tag Soup Review

I found the cutest little jewelry shop on etsy: Tag Soup!

I got to review the Horse Personalized Necklace:

A horse is a girls best friend
Necklace is silver plated with a brass horse head, personalized heart and horse charm.
Heart can have initials or a date stamped in it.
Comes on an 18" ball chain necklace
This is a dainty cute necklace

There are 2 options for the engraving:
* live love ride
*live to ride

And you also get to pick your initial for the personalized heart.

This is the cutest little necklace and would be the perfect gift for the horse lover in your life!

Check out Tag Soup for personalized jewelry and pet tags!

Handmade By Hannah Review

I recently had the chance to review a knotted bracelet and hair tie from Handmade By Hannah on etsy:

 Hannah's Boutique specializes in knotted nautical bracelets that are the perfect arm candy accessory!  They look really great layered up.

They would also be super cute as a gift to your bridesmaids for helping you "tie the knot"

 Check out this adorable store for high quality nautical bracelets!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lovely things of NC: For the Love of Maps Review

Ya'll know I love my why not get another NC decor piece???

I stumbled across For the Love of Maps on etsy and fell in love with their State pride pieces

 These aren't just any state maps, inside the state outline there are places, things, and famous for's that coincide with the state.

Some of my favorites on the NC one:

Glorious Super Sugary Glazed Donuts
Grandfather's Mountain
A Ridge of Blue
where the Wright's first flew
the Real Mayberry
Vanderbilt's Humungous House

The descriptions are really cute and give a perfect overview of the beautiful state of North Carolina! 

 The prints come unframed, this was just an old frame I happened to have laying around that I sanded down a little to make it distressed...I love them together!

I am in love with this print and the simplicity of the design.  Perfect for any NC lover!

Seven Miles Per Second Card Review

I love cards.  I have a whole box full of them for every possible occasion.

I found the shop Seven Miles Per Second that offers super cute and original cards.  They also offer T-shirts!

 I received two sets of cards to review:

1. 2 pack Personalized North Carlina "roots" cards- These are adorable and absolutely perfect!  I love personalized note cards for thank you notes and these are perfect!  Included two envelopes that are transparent. 

 2. "I" card- This one is absolutely adorable!  The outside has a sprinkling of mixed capitalization "i's"  and the inside reads, "I only have eyes for you".  Can't wait to send this to the boyfriend! Included an envelope in what looks to be recycled brown paper. 

 Check out Seven Miles Per Second for a wide array of personalized cards and State pride items!

Western Bracelet: Lone Crow Designs Review and a COUPON!

I am a sucker for anything western and this shop has the cutest bracelet designs that give a rugged western feel to your outfit. 

Lone Crow Designs features an array of leather bracelets that have hand stamped quotes on them and other designs. 

I had the chance to review the Western Leather Bracelet with Silver Design:

I am in love with this bracelet, the silver design gives the look of a belt buckle, the leather has the perfect amount of detail and it fits perfectly and comfortably.

This company is so sweet they offered my my readers a deal.  If you enter LOVE15 at checkout you get 15% everything you order!

So head over to Lone Crow Designs and get some cute stuff with your coupon!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Beautiful Earth Flow Pottery: Tagawa Pottery Review

 I love pottery, the work that goes into it, the everyday use of a beautiful art piece, the feel of the piece.

I found this beautiful pottery shop on etsy called Tagawa Pottery

"My goal is to create pottery that has depth, character & flow. Where the parts merge to form a whole that is intriguing and pleasing to the eye as well as to the touch".

I thought this was such a beautiful statement and can be seen through all of her pieces.  They all have an earthy feel, each piece has that character and feel that I look for in art pieces.

Tagawa Pottery is located in Asheboro, NC (love supporting the locals!) and her shop is filled with jugs, luminaries, ring holders, bowls, colanders, and other beautiful free hand designed pieces.  

Follow her on Facebook or check out her Website

I had the chance to review a Recycled Glass Green Pottery Leaf:

It arrived in the cutest little wrapping, all tied up in twine and a little leaf attached!  

The pictures don't do it justice, this piece is absolutely beautiful!

They are hand formed using clay dug and processed in North Carolina

Before their last firing these leaves are glazed and glass is placed into the bottom. They are fired to over 2100°F; where glass melts around 1400°F this glass is fused to the piece. It makes a gorgeous intense pool of color.

The glass is from colorful bottles that are then cleaned, and broken into tiny pieces.  The color of glass in each leaf is random making each one unique...which I love!

I have been using mine as a ring holder on my dresser but she says they have been used as fairy ponds, terrarium additions, spoon rests, candy dishes, etc.

measure approximately 4-1/4" - 5" long x 3" wide x 1-1/2" high

Check out this store she has BEAUTIFUL pieces!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Bath & Bodyworks Semi Annual Sale Haul

Ya'll I went a little crazy at Bath & Bodyworks this month...they were having their semi annual sale and you know how I can't resist a sale...

For starters they had tables of items for 75% off...see hard to resist.  I got a bag full of shower gel, lotion and body sprays for me and for gifts.  These are normally around $12 and at 75% off they are a little over $2!!!

Some of my favorites are the Secret Wonderland, Midnight Pomegranate and Rio Rumberry.

I also got a couple of the man product for the boyfriend, I got shower gel and lotion in the scent Oak which I am in love musky and woodsy.

I also got 3 candles...I love Bath and Bodyworks candles.  Usually the candles are $20 and during the sale they had some of them for $10 each, however, one day during the sale they had them on sale for $9 a day, so I had to go get some!

I have been really into the man cologne smell in candles so going along with that I got:

-Mahogany Teakwood: "Revel in the cozy fine woods fragrances of mahogany, cedarwood and oak, highlighted by delicate lavender and geranium notes."  AHHHHHH I went into the store aiming for this candle, it smells like Hollister stores.  Bonus my boyfriend liked it too. 

 -Boathouse Row: "Notes of moss, green sage and bay leaves capture the essence of a cool retreat in the shade with deep, blue water on the horizon."  Another man smell, musky, outdoorsy, and fresh!

-Summertime S'mores: "A gooey & guilt-free treat! Toasted marshmallows, crackling campfire and creamy, rich vanilla capture all the sweetness of summer's most loved sweet!"  S'mores are one of my favorite things and this completely captures the smell of a fire and roasted it!

That's all ya'll :)

Did you visit the sale...let me know what you got!!