Monday, April 29, 2013

DIY Image Transfer Tutorial

So here goes another DIY tutorial!  

So you want to make a cool piece of art or lettering but you can't draw a straight line?  Step right up to learn about Image Transfer.  

This is such a simple strategy and all you need are 3 things:

-canvas or whatever you are going to use for the art piece

-a printout of your selected art 

-and a pencil

1. Use the pencil and shade the BACK of the picture, covering the lines of the picture.  Make sure your shading is dark.  

 2. Flip the picture over and trace your design on the canvas, etc.  I didn't' have to press down very hard to get the image to transfer. 

*Tip: I suggest taping the picture down on the canvas, etc.*

3.  Pull up the print and you will have a light tracing of the design on your canvas, etc. 

 4. Then you can go ahead and paint away.

Check later to see the finished product of this image transfer.



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