Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cooking Show with mom

My mom and I had the chance to attend the Twin City Cooks! show.
We went and had a really great time.  We got to watch 3 local chefs and then Jon Ashton.  He was really funny and all his dishes smelled so good.  We got to try the butternut squash soup that was wonderful.  At the beginning of the show he was trying to get the crowd excited and low and behold he singled me out to come and dance with him.  He got me on my feet and twirled me around.  

They also had a lot of vendors with tons of free samples of food.  I had some really great goat cheese, pumpkin spice popcorn, barbeque, and pimento cheese just to name a few.  I loved the goat cheese so much Mom and I took home a container of Basil and Garlic flavored cheese spread that I have been eating on triscuits.  

Now onto the goodie bag:

I got:

-a wine glass
-a tiny cute bottle of texas pete
-a texas pete coozie
-recipe markers
-bloody mary peanuts
-a notepad
-a pen
-a bookmark
-and recipe pamphlets, books, and flyers galore
It was a really fun day to spend with my mom, see some great chefs in action, learn some new tips, est some yummy things, and get some cool goodies. Hope you all are enjoying your weekends.   



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