Sunday, October 28, 2012

Goings on over the past months

Since I haven't written in such a long time so many things have piled up and happened.

I posted earlier about having taken my GRE and all well I applied to Grad School and...drum roll please....I am going to Clemson in January!!!  So excited to start this new journey and figure things out for my future. 

On to October, pretty much this whole half of the month was spent showing cattle at the fairs.
all in a day at the fair

just taking a nap

pretty Miss Hollywood
But we had a pretty great year.  At the State Fair I was Reserve Senior Plus Showman in showmanship (where you are judged on how well you show the cattle) and my little heifer Miss Hollywood was Reserve Champion Simmental.  I was so excited because this was my last year showing at the junior show, since I have gotten so old.  Then at the open show (where anyone can show) I showed the Reserve Champion Simmental Bull.  So all in all it was a great time at the fair.   



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