Monday, September 3, 2012

and I'm finally back...

So...I have been super busy this summer and have really neglected this blog....

First of all some things that have happened:


So my trip to Brazil was wonderful, I will post more about that later but here is a picture to entice you a little. 

View from the hotel in Montes Claros

I have also been doing a lot of DIY!  So you will see and hear all about that. 

I also have another surprise...but i'll show you that in a later post

One thing that I am so glad to be done with is my GRE that I took this past Friday...shew talk about a relief to be done with.  Thank goodness I did ok, now I just have to get into Grad School...

I have also applied to be a substitute and I have had a few calls already :)

Please be patient and bear with me as I try to recall all the things of the summer in the next couple of days...

anyways blessings,


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