Tuesday, April 24, 2012

did it myself

So I have had some time and here are some DIY projects that I have been working on:

Proverbs 31 and John 3:16
 I think I might use the Proverbs one for my Thirty-One display table

Cow print bulletin board that I might use as my prayer board

Redo on the mirror, I used the crackle style of painting but it's hard to see in the photo...

Got these letters online and printed them out, so cute!

Redo on the bulletin board

Redneck Wine Glasses
 Busy Busy Busy, but I love to spend time making crafts.



Monday, April 16, 2012

Cute Cute Cute

So I found the cutest t-shirts while visiting my Grandma:

If you couldn't tell I'm a Clemson fan :)

and this one was just adorable
They were soooo cute and to make it even better they were on sale!  I just couldn't resist :)

These frames on the other hand were a little pricey but oh so cute!  I think I might be able to recreate these...

Oh and check out this ADORABLE pink fishing pole!!!

Perfectly Pink!

lots of love,


Thursday, April 12, 2012

19 days, Easter, and finally some DIY...

yep that's right...19 more days left of my student teaching!!!!  Phew, while it has been a great experience I am so ready to be done. 

i've gotta find a job for the summer though...any suggestions????

I had a marvelous spring break and Easter hope you all did too.  I spent some time with my old roomates, grandma, the boyfriend, and the family.  My sweet guy came to spend Easter with my family and we fixed him up a cute little Easter basket :)

My church also had their Easter Cantata and had so many wonderful songs celebrating the risen Savior.  How blessed we are to have Christ as our Savior and His dying for our sins on the cross.  I feel so totally overwhelmed by His love for us.  I don't deserve His love and yet He continues to shower me with it. 
I pray that everyone can feel this great love and that I can shed His light through my life.


This song has been in my head for Easter and then they played it at church...so moving and wonderful. 

I have also been doing some crafting...check out some things I made:

I found some great Cowhide fabric that I absolutely love!!!  It is so soft and feels wonderful.  I had some old pillows that really needed a recovering...so they got covered in cow. 

I found the idea for these crosses on Pinterest and I painted the little canvas.  Then I painted it turquoise and painted a cross.  I just happend to have some extra cow print fabric leftover from the pillows I made.  Then I just cut it out and glues the cow hide on and painted some dots around the cross.  Then I added some swirls and a ribbon and created a lovely cross plaque. 

I also learned how to crackle paint...this was on pinterest.  You just "paint" glue on whatever you want crackled, paint a lot.  Don't let it dry or it won't work.  Once you have the glue on there wait a few seconds and cover it with your paint color.  Let it dry and then watch your crackles appear!  So easy and really impressive.  Also if you wanted a certain color underneath to crackle through you could paint that first then glue then paint. 

I also went to AC Moore with my Grandma while visiting her and found a GREAT deal.  I absolutely love canvases.  When I paint them I feel like a real artist...haha. 
Well I got two 18x24's and 1 16x20 for $10!!!  One 18x24 is normally $14.99!!  I was so excited and then I found a beautiful fall picture canvas for...$1.99!!!  I got 4 total canvases for under $13, less than the price of one canvas!!!  I love getting good deals!!  Now I just have to come up with something to do with them...

all my canvases

here's the fall photo canvas I got for $1.99!!!

And what's Spring Break without some fishing...
fisrt cast in and this little guy grabbed on :)



Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Loving this week

1. This past Saturday I attended my very first Thirty-One Party!!!  I have been wanting one of those thermal lunchboxes with my monogram on it for forever!  The kids I work with over the summer all have one and I was a tiny bit jealous of theirs...but I will soon have my own.  The party was also a fundraiser for Relay for Life so win win I got an adorable lunchbox and am helping to find a cure for cancer.

I am also thinking about selling Thirty-One sometime in the near future......I really think it is a great company and has some super cute things.  Thirty-One stands for Proverbs 31 which is all about how to be a virtuous woman.  I love that it is a Christian Organization and how I could share my faith while connecting with other women and selling a cute product. 

2. Oh my goodness I am excited beyond belief for THE HUNGER GAMES on Friday!!!!!  I am not sure when I am going to see it but I know it must happen soon!!  I read all the books in a matter of 2 weeks!  Cannot wait to see how they portray the book!

3. I am super excited about the Pretty Little Liars final tonight!!!!  Finally figure out who "A" is.  I think I know....do you??Who is "A"??

4. LOVING this beautiful weather we have been having!  I have been driving with my sunroof open and my music up loud.  Also best sleep ever with the windows open feeling the air and that wonderful middle comfort of not too hot and not too cold.  Planning on embracing this wonderful weather by breaking out my sundresses this week! 

5. I am also loving the Pilates workout that I have started.  I found these workout videos on YouTube and have been doing them for a while....they are quite a workout.  The girl is really funny and she's quite the encourager so they are fun to do.

That's all for now, I'm working on some Pinterest crafts for my future apartment that I will share sometime soon!  Have a blessed week!

Painting up a storm

So I have been painting some canvases that I purchased over the summer.  I saw some ideas on Pinterest and decided to make them mine for my [future] apartment. 

Here are my masterpieces:
Jeremiah 29:11

Psalm 139:14

Book pages and my monogram
The first two I painted the canvas an aged brown and then painted the bible verse on there.  They are two of my favorites. 

Then the last one is on a smaller canvas, I modpodged old book pages on the canvas and then painted my monogram.  You know how I love my monogram...

I absolutely love how they all came out and am so exicted to hang them up!!