Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hip Hooray for Friday

Yay it's almost Friday!!!
I survived my week of subbing with no troubles and I'm looking forward to that check.  Somethings gotta help me pay for my gas...almost $4 a gallon geez louise.

So I have one meeting tomorrow and some lesson planning standing in the way of my Spring Break...I can do this!

Oh and I found out I only have 23 more days left of student teaching!!!!

Spring Break plans are:

-Boone to see the boyfriend and hang out with the girls  (dance recital, picninc on the parkway....hopefully weather will be nice so I can share some pictures)

-SC to see my Grandma with my little sis and mom...possible plans to see The Hunger Games

-Sleeping in and catching up on sleep!!!

I found this awesome site that has all kinds of personalized gifts and things:
They have a sale going on the customized mugs you can make one with your picture, business logo or my personal favorite...MONOGRAM!!!  Use the code FREEMUG and you get the originally $8.99 mug for free.  You do have to pay the $5.99 shipping cost but hey the mugs are adorable, I can't wait to drink my coffee from my monogrammed mug.  

Here's my mug except with a different monogram

 Must be a southern thing to want everything personalized...
I'm also looking at these mousepads

So cute!

It's adorable and would go perfect with the rhinestone pink mouse that my wonderful boyfriend got me for valentines. 

They also have a 50% off sale on the mousepads.  Enter the code 50Mpad

And that's about it,


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