Monday, November 19, 2012

Influenster College VoxBox 2012

If you aren't a member of influenster you should be.  With this website you rate products and earn badges, then ever once in a while they have these things called VoxBoxes and they are little packages that come to you full of free products...and not the wimpy sample sizes...real product sizes.  I am new to influenster but I rated products and got my badge score up in the 80's and then I got an email that I qualified for the college voxbox...yay!!!

I just got it in the mail:

imPress Press-On Manicure

Introducing the revolutionary way to apply polish! Featuring advanced nail technology, you can get a salon-perfect manicure in seconds – simply peel off, press on, and you're done. There's no drying, a killer shine, and a manicure that lasts up to a week!

actual price: $7.99

These are so cute, I got a lacey print pattern and they work so wonderful!  They look great, come off well without hurting your nails and stay on for a long time. 

NYC New York Color Show Time Glitter Eyeliner Pencil

Missing the spark? Get it out there with Show Time Glitter Eyeliner Pencils. Create jewel-encrusted eye looks with these long-wearing glitter-infused rich colors. No doubt you will be dazzling!
actual price: $2.49

Beautiful!!  Looks great on my eyes and is perfect for holiday parties!

Necco® Tropical Wafers

Necco® has introduced a new delicious candy item to be hitting store shelves soon, and you're lucky enough to try it first! A tropical version of the famous Necco® Wafer will feature exotic favors like Coconut, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Lime, Banana, and Mango.

actual price: $1.25

Taste alright, not too big on Neccos, too chalky

Energy Sheets®

Don't have the energy to finish all your schoolwork and still enjoy campus life? Try Energy Sheets®, the new way to do energy! Simply place a Sheet® on your tongue where it dissolves instantly so it can be easily swallowed and digested to deliver hours of energy. And no liquid means there’s no bloating and no extra pit-stops!

actual price: $5.95

These definitely work, super energized but not jittery

Pentel® EnerGel-X 

Taking notes just got a bit more exciting with EnerGel-X, the latest addition to the EnerGel family of Liquid Gel Pens from Pentel®. The high-performance ink technology combines the best qualities of liquid and gel ink for a super-smooth writing experience, so you can stay on top of your schoolwork.

actual price: $1.90

 Great pen!  Really smooth, my favorite pen!!

Total value: $19.58

I got almost $20 worth of goodies for free!  This is such a great program to get into and they really give some good stuff.  If you would like an invite just let me know.  



Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cooking Show with mom

My mom and I had the chance to attend the Twin City Cooks! show.
We went and had a really great time.  We got to watch 3 local chefs and then Jon Ashton.  He was really funny and all his dishes smelled so good.  We got to try the butternut squash soup that was wonderful.  At the beginning of the show he was trying to get the crowd excited and low and behold he singled me out to come and dance with him.  He got me on my feet and twirled me around.  

They also had a lot of vendors with tons of free samples of food.  I had some really great goat cheese, pumpkin spice popcorn, barbeque, and pimento cheese just to name a few.  I loved the goat cheese so much Mom and I took home a container of Basil and Garlic flavored cheese spread that I have been eating on triscuits.  

Now onto the goodie bag:

I got:

-a wine glass
-a tiny cute bottle of texas pete
-a texas pete coozie
-recipe markers
-bloody mary peanuts
-a notepad
-a pen
-a bookmark
-and recipe pamphlets, books, and flyers galore
It was a really fun day to spend with my mom, see some great chefs in action, learn some new tips, est some yummy things, and get some cool goodies. Hope you all are enjoying your weekends.   



Sunday, October 28, 2012

Goings on over the past months

Since I haven't written in such a long time so many things have piled up and happened.

I posted earlier about having taken my GRE and all well I applied to Grad School and...drum roll please....I am going to Clemson in January!!!  So excited to start this new journey and figure things out for my future. 

On to October, pretty much this whole half of the month was spent showing cattle at the fairs.
all in a day at the fair

just taking a nap

pretty Miss Hollywood
But we had a pretty great year.  At the State Fair I was Reserve Senior Plus Showman in showmanship (where you are judged on how well you show the cattle) and my little heifer Miss Hollywood was Reserve Champion Simmental.  I was so excited because this was my last year showing at the junior show, since I have gotten so old.  Then at the open show (where anyone can show) I showed the Reserve Champion Simmental Bull.  So all in all it was a great time at the fair.   



Saturday, October 27, 2012


...I got a puppy!

I guess this is actually old news since I got him over the summer and well it's October.  But anyways his name is Riley and he is a Docker (dachshund x cocker spaniel)
He is a total and complete mess but oh so adorable.


First picture of him when he was only 7 weeks old

He sure is keeping me busy but he is getting to be a real sweetheart and cuddly thing. 




So I realize it has been sooooo long since I have been on...funny to see my last post was about how I was never on...

But I am going to discuss my Brazil trip!

So over the summer which seems like so long ago now I went on a mission trip to Brazil.  It was such a step out of my comfort zone since I have really never been anywhere but I just felt like God was calling me to go on this trip, and it was an amazing experience!  I was on the drama team and we did the drama "The Redeemer"  which I will link below because it is such an amazing drama.  God really opened doors for us on this trip and allowed us to present the drama in parks, schools and churches all over for the week.   

Some great things that happended:

-witnessed over 600 decisions for Christ
-got to spend time with some sweet precious children
-had the most wonderful translators
-spent time in Rio which was really cool
-ate a chicken heart...not so great
-felt like a movie star with everyone wanting to take pictures of us and loving my red hair 
-attended a church service and we sang in both Portuguese and English
-and met some great people all following God's call around the world

beautiful children

I loved these girls so sweet!

Acai and granola :)

high schoolers coming up to make decisions

A church we attended...and yes that is barbed wire on the top

My wonderful team for the week

Sugarloaf (rode in those cable cars with 40 people.....ummmm...not again)

beautiful view

Copacabana Beach

Christ Statue

I wanted to take them home with me, they were so precious

and some (real) cow heads I found in the Brazilian Market

 I am so thankful that God made a way for me to make this trip and feel so blessed from the experience.

---oh and something kid thought I had a disease because I had freckles.  He kept pointing frantically at my arm and I had to have the interpreter explain that I was ok.  :)

and here's the drama that we performed all over the city of Montes Claros.



a collection of crafts

Being so long since I have posted I have a handful of crafts that I have finished up:

1. Monogram Knife Block: I found this knife block at a Goodwill for $2 took it home to spruce it up.  I had seen monogram blocks on pinterest and figured I would try it out.  I'm loving it so far! 

2. Glitter Heels: So my puppy decided that I didn't need my nude heels anymore and stole one and chewed it up, luckily I saved it before it was completely destroyed.  I absolutely loved those heels because they fit perfectly so not wanting to throw them out I followed this tutorial I found on Pinterest and Voila...fixed my chewed up sides and funky glitter shoes.  I used regular glitter instead of the fine stuff, so mine aren't quite as smooth looking as the one in the link but they still look fine.   

 3. Sharpie Mugs: These were probably the easiest thing.  I had 4 white mugs lying around and this tutorial  all you do is write on them and bake them for 30 minutes at 350.  So simple and look really great.  They would also make super neat gifts.  I picked quotes from literature (Gone With the Wind, Mark Twain, Anne Frank, etc.) but you could do pictures, monograms, whatever you wanted.

4. Cross Canvas: This was an old canvas I had lying around and I just painted this design, simple simple simple.   

5. Magnetic Makeup Board: probably the most useful thing ever.  I had my makeup in a container and it took forever to find in the morning so I found this magnetic dry erase board at Michael's on sale and then just attached magnets to the back of my makeup with hot glue...this took a little while.  It is such a big help and looks pretty cool on my bathroom wall too.   

So those are some things that have been keeping me busy lately.  Hope you enjoy :) 



Monday, September 3, 2012

and I'm finally back...

So...I have been super busy this summer and have really neglected this blog....

First of all some things that have happened:


So my trip to Brazil was wonderful, I will post more about that later but here is a picture to entice you a little. 

View from the hotel in Montes Claros

I have also been doing a lot of DIY!  So you will see and hear all about that. 

I also have another surprise...but i'll show you that in a later post

One thing that I am so glad to be done with is my GRE that I took this past Friday...shew talk about a relief to be done with.  Thank goodness I did ok, now I just have to get into Grad School...

I have also applied to be a substitute and I have had a few calls already :)

Please be patient and bear with me as I try to recall all the things of the summer in the next couple of days...

anyways blessings,


Saturday, June 16, 2012

i am now officially a college graduate!!!

yes sir!  I am officially graduated from College!!!!  Now on to the big girl world...not sure how I feel about that yet but I know God has great plans for my life. 

So it has been quite a while since I have written anything.  I've been enjoying my summer and getting prepared for my big trip to Brazil!  I have had 4 shots and am starting to mentally pack my suitcase...haha.  Only 2 more weeks till I go!! 

Sorry for the super short post but I promise better ones will soon follow.  I have lots to discuss about all the things that have passed by when I was skipping on blogging. 



Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crayon Art

So my boyfriend and I decided to try a craft from pinterest. 

I don't know if you all have seen the melted crayon art on there or not but it is pretty neat. 

He wanted to do the browing heart symbol that I have on the back of my car.  We were going to do "boy" camo on the buck side and "girl" pink camo on the doe side. 

We used old crayons so the colors weren't as pretty but heres how it worked:

you use a hair dryer
finished product
the process is pretty straight forward and simple you pick your crayons lay them out in whatever color pattern you want.  glue them on the canvas and then use your blowdryer to melt them (that's the fun part)

We used a glue stick to glue contact paper on the canvas in our design and then the crayons dripped over it.  The colors looked really good and like camo on the boy side but my colors weren't so great.  Oh well product tried and done.  Not a total failure but not a masterpiece either. 



Friday, May 4, 2012

Freebies and Thirty One

So I got my Thrity One Outlet order in yesterday!!  Yay I couldn't wait to tear open that giant box.  Here are all my goodies:

-Pleated Top Beach Tote in Newport Bloom
-Peacock Paisley Thermal Tote
-2 Newport Stripe Key Fobs
-Basket Liner in Sandy Swirl
-Impressionist Dot scarf
-Short Utility Bin in Cheeky Elephants

All of this for less that $65!!! 

And I got the new summer catalog!!!!  I love it!  They described so many different uses for their products! 

Also waiting in the mail for me that day was a Target Beauty Bag freebie that I had registered for a month ago. 

Can't wait to use it all: face wash, primer, shampoo, face wipes, coupons all in a cute pink bag

guess what...I have 3 days left of my student teaching!!!  And 9 days left till I graduate!!!  Oh my goodness where has the time gone??



Tuesday, April 24, 2012

did it myself

So I have had some time and here are some DIY projects that I have been working on:

Proverbs 31 and John 3:16
 I think I might use the Proverbs one for my Thirty-One display table

Cow print bulletin board that I might use as my prayer board

Redo on the mirror, I used the crackle style of painting but it's hard to see in the photo...

Got these letters online and printed them out, so cute!

Redo on the bulletin board

Redneck Wine Glasses
 Busy Busy Busy, but I love to spend time making crafts.